A little bit about us

We  have a team of handymen (and women!) who are trained in servicing the  brand you trust.  We are warranty depot for over 100 companies. We can  fix a whole slew of problems. After 40 plus years in the local appliance  repair business, we’ve seen a whole lot – chances are your problem  isn’t something we haven’t seen before.  If you are the Do it Yourself  type, we also sell parts direct to customers.

Why Us

 We’re family- owned and operated. Our owners, Ken,  Iris, and family  have been in the Yorkton area for generations and have been involved in  the appliance repair for over 25 years.  Bonsals itself has been in the  appliance repair business for over 40 years. We’re a part of your local  community and we’re always here to help. 


We’re here when you need a hand…..

 Problems always creep up and, if you don’t how to solve them, it can be  really intimidating. We understand that and we’re here to help; whether  it be a small tool on the fritz,  a small appliance like your favorite  toaster not working, or a major appliance that won’t cooperate, you can  depend on us.